16 May 2011

The Runner goes global!

During the trail The Runner featured in countless newspapers and websites worldwide, including Sky News, Daily Mirror, even Running blogs as far away as Brazil.

It featured as the photo for the BBC photo caption of the day receiving over 300 caption entries! Thanks to all the photographers out there who also put their Runner photos on Flickr.

Here's hoping we get to see The Runner at the London 2012 Olympics somehow....

Trail Ends

After being extended by popular demand 'Liverpool Discovers' public art trail has now closed.
Images show Julian Taylor taking one of the figures down on 8th May 2011. The girder looks rather bare now!
Many thanks to King Park for the loan of a fantastic site and the commissioners Wild in Art and Liverpool Lantern Company for the rare opportunity to create an ambitious temporary sculpture!
The Runner is available for sale or exhibition, please get in touch if you are interested.

13 Feb 2011

The Runner is sited!

On your marks, get set...

This site is ideal for the piece. I'm grateful to Jo for finding it, everyone who helped secure it and King Park for supporting the arts. I hope they like the results?
After dark. All seven in sequence.

View from street side.
Thanks to the lighting crew for going the extra mile!

Thank you to the hard working joint commissioning team of Wild in Art and Liverpool Lantern Company for giving me the opportunity to create this work. 

Installation Day!

Finally the day has dawned. Siting the work at King Park.
Weather is glorious thankfully. Julian Taylor up the monkey tower!  
Julian gives them a final clean and touch up as dusk falls.

Thanks to Julian for his head for heights, strength and nerves of steel!

11 Feb 2011

check out the trail...

Figures are Painted

Off they go! 

The fluorescent yellow paint looks even brighter in reality!

Preparing the surface

No not torturing sculptures! Sanding the surface ready for undercoating.

Faith takes a break to check on her work. Loads of dust created in this little room!

Two running figures hanging around after undercoating!